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Agile Scrum Master - IT Leader - Solutions Consultant - Product Evangelist

Certified as an Agile Scrum Master, I am currently freelancing Agile IT projects, execution and Digital Transformations for business owners, executives and board members. I am obsessed with customer satisfaction and curious about everything. Big thinker, but exercise frugality. Strong bias for action and refine to seek perfection. Constantly learn by being both intuitive and observant. identify blockers, and work around, or push through them. To summarize, results driven! To learn more, check out Decision Forward LLC.



Cooking, photography and making videos. 


I love spending time with my family camping, hiking, riding bikes, or even spending a day out on the lake. Family is Everything! 

Resume - Hands-On Technology Evangelist, Leader & Manager

Driven by customer obsession, always owns it, takes on responsibility while being accountable. Constantly innovative and looks for ways to simplify. Strong business judgment and good instincts. Develop other leaders and take seriously the role in coaching others. Relentlessly high non-crippling standards that are driven with a strong bias for action. Big Thinker, create and communicate a bold direction that inspires results. Sincerely open-minded, genuinely listen, and are willing to examine strongest convictions with humility, with the goal of continual growth and improvement.


IT Leader


Strategic Planning


Cloud Computing


Systems Architect

  • AWS – Infrastructure & Data 96% 96%
  • Azure Infrastructure, Logic Apps, Data 96% 96%
  • Microsoft/Office 365 97% 97%
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 100% 100%
  • Content Management Systems (CMS) 100% 100%
  • Windows Networking (Server/Desktop) NT -> 2019 97% 97%
  • Linux Webservers (RHEL/Centos) 6-8 86% 86%
  • Data Analysts & Analytics 86% 86%
  • Python/PHP/HTML/CSS/POWERSHELL 60% 60%

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